New doctor

During my accupuncture appointment I explained to my doctor I no longer enjoy going to my IVF specialist. I feel fat and as though I’m being pushed out. I came to the conclusion I prefer my MFM and my OB/GYN. The hospital they work for is interested in the client not statistics. Yesterday made an appointment with the IVF specialist my OB recommended. I’m hopeful again.


Maternal Fetal Specialist

Today was my appointment with the specialist. Essentially I am healthy enough for a pregnancy the concern is my weight. While my BMI is not high enough to stop a healthy pregnancy it is too high for a normal ovulation. Basically the lower my BMI the more follicles. So no more delicious bread and butter. No more delicious french fries. My first goal is to lose 10 pounds. Gonna take it step by step.

I came clean

I have decided to try again and decided to be honest with my mother. I have kept this journey a secret from her and decided it was time to be honest. When we spoke it was a relief. She wasn’t upset but she was shocked. She of course had questions and I told her everything. I explained why I doing IVF and why I had the surgery. I’m happy this happened and glad I no longer have to hide my journey.

Trigger tonight

Yay we are close to the finish line. My lining and levels are good. I have three good sized follicles and one not so big but getting there. Some medication drama, was not sent everything I need. After some back and forth with my doctor we created a new trigger protocol. I go in tomorrow for a levels check, fingers crossed. Saturday will be retrieval day. I’m very hopeful and excited.

Insurance and medication

I began my IVF cycle on Tuesday. Had a few drugs leftover from the prior cycle. Now I am with the same insurance carrier but on a different plan. After giving my updated information to my pharmacy learned my insurance company would not cover Follistem. So had to start with a new pharmacy. Began the conversation with a lovely woman and suddenly we were disconnected. I called back and began a nightmare call. I explained to the new agent what happened and she replied, “Well, she should have called you back.” Explained I was trying to give my call back number when we were disconnected. “She should have done that first.” In my head I think ok, we need to hurry because I need to get my doctor to change the prescription tonight because my medication runs out Saturday. The agent then asks me if I’m planning to see Ocean’s 8 this weekend. Complete confusion. I explain I saw the movie already. She then states every 10 years Hollywood seems to realize it’s a good idea to have movies starring women. I say yes movies with strong female leads do tend to do well. Next the agent goes through the drugs and tells me she doubts I will get my Gonal-F in time. I explain that’s ok I can probably get something from the doctor on Sunday. She then goes on to tell me I won’t get the drugs until Tuesday and that I’m probably out of luck. As nicely as I can I again explain I can get something from my doctor’s office. She then continues to explain why I won’t get my medication in time. Internally I am screaming; 1. still need to call the doctor and 2. this agent is not listening to me.🤯

Finally get off the phone send an email to my nurse and call the on call nurse. Thanks to these incredible people I have my script and thanks to a new pharmacy agent I received everything this morning. 😅